Learn about how to use word press

Word press is among the most popular blogging tools and can be used by bloggers globally. It is truly used by nearly seventeen percent of the very best websites in addition to twenty two percent for baby sites. If you want are intriguing in how to use word press, make certain to check out this report. The first step to using word press is installing the program. Most hosting websites like blue host and hesitator provide a very easy word press installation system. You only go to the control panel then scroll down to the word press icon. After clicking on it, a couple of installation fields will need to be filled in, however after a couple of moments you should be able to use word press without difficulty. After you install word press you would like to browse into your blog URL. You should have a very simple page setup to word press. You need to go to the log in button on that page that ought to redirect you to the word press login screen. Here you enter the username and password that you specified in the setup.

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When you login, you need to see the word press dashboard. This is where you start using your word press software. After you are on the dashboard, browse to the articles section. Then you will see a post page. Here you can enter in your name, tags, content, categories and much more. Then you can either save the article as a draft or publish it to your new site. It is also possible to create pages by navigating to the page section on the word press dashboard. Pages are extremely like word press posts. However, pages don’t have a class or a date, while word press posts do. One of the most important sections of your word press site is the theme. As a website owner who wants to attract users and traffic, you wish to have a clean, beautiful motif. A motif can be downloaded via your hard disk, where it can then be extracted by word press and utilized by your site.

Plugging is also very important to word press blogs. Most plugging is free and varies widely. Some can help you put ads on your sites. Others may block comment spam and malware. Others assist with your search engine optimization. To install a plug-in, you wish to browse to the plug-in at the section of this sidebar. There you may check your existing plugging, upgrade them, suspend them, or delete them completely. To install a plug-in, simply navigate to add new section and look for the plug-in you would like. Finally, Como usar wordpress and optimize your SEO. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, influences how well your pages rank in Google. A better rank in Google leads to more traffic and visitors to your website.