Right Brain Children – Art Activities for Parenting and Toddler Education in Singapore

It was an eye opener for me when My friend shows me her toddler can read at age of 18 months old! Her son is currently attending school that is enrichment .

Decorate your home with colorful posters

Display Tons of cards or a strong poster, color that is striking is the best. This focusing on home and is to train the monitoring.

Flash at least 100 pcs of flash card everyday

Plan A fix program of the day to flash at least 100 pcs of flash cards. The timing happy to play any games, and is following the kid having meal or milk. This is to train the mind to be sensitive to colour that is different.

Here Craft activities for you!

Finger drawing with water color or poster colour

Take A sheet of paper, poster colour, and allow your toddler using their hand to scribble, scribble and scribble.

Pasting decals

You Can purchase from mart and any stationery store for kids sticker and let them paste sticker.

brain exercises for kids

Egg painting

You Need to maintain some egg shells without breaking the egg that is entire during cooking. This can be achieved by punching on a hold and pour the egg out . Preventing the egg onto a wooden stick and allow your toddler shade the egg.

Self or family portrait

You Need to prepare your children photo or family photos . Substance needed such as color newsletter, paper or folder divider etc, seashell paper glue, different colors of mark or color pencils. Ask your child to cut out the relatives or photo, glue it on colour paper, then decorate the surrounding of this color paper with mark or colour pencil, glue so other items like seashell, clay etc to produce the art work 3D looks.

Above brain exercises for kids are basic procedures to train potential genius kid in art at young age of 13 – 18 months old. It may be continue used for children above age of 1.5 years after with more complex activities and art and craft projects. Enjoy brain parenting that is right!