What is a joomla template?

There is little doubt that you have heard about joomla templates, in the event that you are a web site designer. A joomla template is really a number of files within the joomla content management system cms that control the display of the content. So, for all those uninitiated, a joomla template is not a website in itself nor an entire website design is represented by it. It is only a template, i.e., a basic foundation design that will help you preview your joomla site. To be able to create the effect of a ‘whole web site’, the joomla template works in tandem with the content stored in the joomla databases.

Best Joomla templates

Basically, any joomla template features design information, like style sheets, images, JavaScript, etc. Simply put, joomla template is a skin of your joomla system or a theme. However, there can be only one joomla template per page. What effectively joomla template does is to control joomla the best way to exhibit the modules, and where to place modules and parts. You have to be well versed with joomla modules, as these may be displayed in lots of versions and every variant is different in its html output construction, including the most popular variant output – the xhtml output signal. Users of joomla 1.5 will be well aware of the notion of joomla chrome in that variant. It is the process where joomla templates were enabled to skin any element using joomla VC structure that is new. You can locate pieces of joomla chrome in html web directory of joomla template. Certainly, this is only one of the most robust improvements to the capabilities of joomla templates. Check this out https://www.energizethemes.com to know more.

This is because generally, you will require just one html/css layout for your whole site. And this ‘template’ becomes a model for every page on your own website. The same template will undoubtedly be utilized to design each of these pages, although the visitors might be getting each of the pages or only one page of your web site. Joomla has sufficient inbuilt intelligence to include distinct content into the exact same template from its database to give a distinctive appearance to each web page as it would be shown to the visitors. The USPS of joomla template is in its architecture, where the design is a separate entity as well as the content is also a separate thing. While the design is featured in a smallish group of files, the content is contained in a database. This is a radical improvement over the practice of making a lot of static pages, and each page having distinct design components which are duplicated for every page.